How to create a brand partnership on Instagram?

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‘Brand Partnership’ on Instagram

Brand Partnership happens when two or more brands come together for a joint campaign or partnership for mutual benefit.

It can be informal when two different internal teams join forces, but it can also be external when working with a brand or an influencer for a series of Instagram posts.

Collaborative marketing can be key to your success on Instagram. It’s like influencer marketing, but this time it also involves brands.

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How to create Successful Brand Partnership on Instagram

  • Research on the Best Collaborators

This is a very important step. It takes time to find the right fit for your brand. You don’t want to skip a step that can determine the campaign’s success.

Spend the right time to research potential collaborators. What does the perfect collaboration look like to you? Is the number of followers your only indication for success? How is the engagement rate of your potential collaborators?

  • Set Clear Objectives

As with every campaign, you need to be clear on your objectives. Before you start planning, you need to decide on your goals. If you aim for awareness, then the content and the partnership would help you increase your reach, followers, or clicks.

  • Define Your Target Audience

Another critical step is to define your target audience. Who do you want to reach?

Start writing down a list of the things that matter to you in your new audience. Is it about the demographics? Do you want to focus on a particular location? How about specific interests?

  • Be Creative and Open to New Ideas

Brand collaboration is an opportunity to think outside the box. You don’t want to follow the usual tactics that shape your campaigns. It’s the perfect time for both brands to come together and blend their creative ideas for new unique output.

  • Always Vet Your Partners

This is another crucial step. Your research on potential collaborators should be extensive. You need to make sure that you vet your partners to avoid any potential issues that may impact your campaign.

Go beyond the metrics. It’s not just about the number of followers, the engagement rate, or the buzz a brand has.

  • Measure Results

As with every campaign, it’s essential to measure the results to determine whether you’ve met your objectives.

Start by setting the KPIs that matter to you before the campaign. How will you measure your success?

Review your stats once you launch your campaign and adjust your strategy if needed.




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Yugal Thakur

Yugal Thakur

l Entrepreneur l Investor l Marketer l

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